Past Events

Together, over the last few years we have spread kindness throughout our communities. Through serving, loving, and most importantly showing Kindness, our momentum will propel us through our goal in 2024.


In 2022, approximately 75 First United bank locations in over 60 communities throughout Oklahoma and Texas took part in United Acts of Kindness Day and completed over 300,000 acts of kindness.


Here are a few examples shared from across our Oklahoma and Texas footprint:

  •  Served meals to approximately 2300 people through Hunger Busters of Dallas, TX.
  •  Shared over 600 “love” wrapped Hershey bars shared with customers and non-customers in Pauls Valley, OK.
  •  Prepared food and distributed clothing and hygiene items for nearly 2100 people through Denton Homeless Shelter in Denton, TX.
  •  Donated the following to families in Plano ISD in Plano, TX - 300+ articles of clothing, 700+ Toys, 400+ boxes of food.
  •  The Norman, OK Police Department pulled people over to share gift cards instead of tickets!


In 2021, First United Bank in Dallas had a goal to complete 10,000 acts of kindness in one day and the city of Dallas proclaimed February 17, 2021, as “United Acts of Kindness Day.” Several other First United bank locations joined in to help reach this goal.


Despite the lack of power and water during the ice and snowstorms of 2021, terrible road conditions, shortages on grocery items, etc. we still came together to help our communities in a time of need. While some of the events may not have happened as planned, we all still seized the weather storms as an opportunity to spread even more kindness. From putting together and delivering care packages, donating food and bottled water to those without water and power, calling to check in on the safety of our older customers, helping pull cars out of ditches, opening their homes to others for a shower or warmth, and so much more.


Past UAK Highlights

Communities coming together.
Cities across Oklahoma and Texas issue proclamations making February 17th, United Acts of Kindness Day.

Dallas Proclamation

Shawnee Proclamation


Durant Proclamation

McKinney Proclamation



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